Ficus Amstel King

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Ficus Amstel King has long, banana-shaped leaves. The large, leathery, fast-growing foliage has a lush tropical appeal. This plant has growth habits similar to Ficus Alii, but has many wider, thicker and somewhat larger leaves. During active growth periods, growth tips are a very pronounced pink to red that contrasts beautifully against the broad, shiny leaves. ‘Amstel King’ holds its foliage extremely well indoors. Occasionally, the several trunks of Ficus Amstel King are braided while they are young and pliable. As the tree grows, the braided trunks grow together into a permanent braid that appears as a single large trunk.

  • Height Reference (cm) : 100-120, 150, 180, 200+
  • Watering Rec : Keep the compost moderately moist during growth, allowing it to dry out slightly between watering.
  • Misting : Only spray with a mist of water if room temperatures exceeds 18°C.

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